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Our Advanced Connected Vehicle Solutions division is here to help your organization deliver the industries best connected vehicle platform. Whether your feature is in the concept phase or requires enhancements, we will provide the expertise to deliver the solution.

Our knowledge spans the Telematics domain from Cyber Security, to ADAS, to the latest Personal Assistant Integration. With over 25 years of Information Technology, Vehicle Control Systems, and Electronic Engineering experience we know how to adapt to ever changing technologies. Our modern and proven solutions will not expose your initiatives to the risk of some bleeding edge technologies.

Personal Assistant Integration

Personal Assistant Integration

Our solution provides a common cloud platform for integrating with the multiple personal assistance on the market. One point of integration and the ability to leverage common dialogs reduces complexity, cost, and time to market.

Vehicle Projection Integration

Vehicle Projection Integration

We have built a solution for the secure communication of OEM data from the Vehicle to the Mobile Device over Android AutoTM and CarPlayTM. A common architecture with command and control, and data channels works on both platforms.

Vehicle Data Monetization

Vehicle Data Monetization

We understand your organization requires a business case to justify adding telematics technology to the vehicle. The demand is growing with services such as User Based Insurance (UBI), Fleet Tracking, Real-Time Weather, Traffic, and Maps. Silicon Valley wants to in mobility, we can help your organization justify the need in order to be competitive.

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